The Custom Design And Build Difference: Our Standard Deck Package



In the realm of deck construction, there’s the ordinary and then there’s Custom Design And Build, LLC. For us, many features that are considered “extras” or “upgrades,” by others are simply our baseline. We don’t just construct decks; we design lasting, easy-care havens that generations can enjoy.
So, what makes our standard deck package stand out in the crowded marketplace?


1. Low Maintenance, High Quality
Our primary goal is to give our clients a low maintenance product that will withstand the test of time. We specialize in decks that require minimal upkeep, ensuring you have more time to enjoy the outdoors rather than constantly maintaining it.
2. Composite or PVC Decking: The Gold Standard
Unlike traditional wooden decks, our composite or PVC decks don’t fade, stain, or warp. This means you’ll have a pristine-looking deck year after year, with minimal effort.

3. Classy Composite or Aluminum Railings
We’re not about cutting corners. Our railings are made from composite or Aluminum – no shiny, cheap-looking plastic. These railings remain clean and elegant over time, elevating the look of the entire deck. Steer clear of subpar, fleeting materials. Our railings, made of durable aluminum, not only promise longevity but also ooze sophistication, devoid of the sheen and frailty of cheaper alternatives.
4. Picture Perfect with the Picture Frame
One of our signature touches is the picture frame: a square edge board running along the deck’s perimeter. It’s not just about aesthetics, though it certainly adds a touch of class. This design prevents water and debris from accumulating and causing rot, ensuring your deck stays durable.
5. Strategically Placed Accent Boards
Whereas some builders might scatter seams randomly, we use accent boards to delineate different deck areas. This ensures a cohesive look, especially when the deck’s width exceeds the manufacturer’s board lengths.
6. Support Post Sleeves: It’s All in the Details
Every detail matters to us. We even wrap or sleeve support posts, a feature often overlooked by other builders. Think about it – who wants to spend time painting or staining deck support posts? With our post sleeves, you won’t have to.

7. PVC or Composite Trim Boards: The Finishing Touch
To achieve a polished look, we trim as much of the exposed framing as possible. No exposed treated lumber means no worries for our clients. This includes the exposed outside joist, front beam, and stair sides.

In Conclusion
When spring arrives, and you step out into your backyard, gazing at your deck, we want you to have only one thought: “At least the deck’s ready for summer!” With Custom Design And Build, LLC’s standard deck package, you’re investing in a deck that doesn’t just meet standards but sets them.
Reach out to us today and discover the true meaning of a custom, low-maintenance deck that will serve you for 40-50 years and beyond. Your backyard oasis is just a call away.