Design & Build Process

Get Started with Our Hassle-Free Process and Kickstart Your Next Outdoor Project

At our company, crafting the perfect deck or patio is an art that starts with understanding your unique vision. We embark on a thorough planning process, carefully studying the details of your house and its surroundings. Our goal is to harmoniously blend materials and styles that complement your landscape, ensuring a seamless integration that brings your vision to life. With our meticulous approach, your dream outdoor space becomes a reality, tailored to your preferences and perfectly suited to your home.

We build decks and patios using best practices, always exceeding County and State requirements.  For example, we choose post and rafter sizes to maximize your deck's performance, stability and longevity, not just to pass building codes.

​We believe that meticulous attention to detail makes all the difference. Devoting extra time to ensure every aspect is just right leads to a higher-quality deck or patio that you can truly relish.

7 Steps Towards Your Dream Space

We offer a simple 7-step process to help you streamline your outdoor project.

Step 1: Contact Us

To get started, simply fill out the contact form, provide some details about your project, and upload a few pictures of your current space.

Step 2: Phone Consultation

​We'll call you to discuss the scope of your project, what a ballpark budget would be and make sure we are a good fit for your needs.

Step 3: Onsite Consultation

Once we have completed your phone consultation, we will come to your property to assess your project and provide you with a quote.

Step 4: The Agreement

After we’ve discussed your project, we’ll analyze the specifics together and answer any questions you may have regarding the details. After everything is agreed upon, we’ll get to work.

Step 5: The Design Phase

We work closely with you to design your dream Outdoor space while taking your feedback along the way on the look and feel of your unique projects design.

Step 6: The Building Phase

This is where things get fun… With over thirty years of experience, we will streamline your project and bring the Outdoor space of Your Dreams into a reality.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Dream Home​

Once your project is finalized, it's time to sit back, soak it all in, and relax. We will follow up with you to make sure everything stays as it should, 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months after the project is completed. We also offer a two-year craftsmanship warranty to make sure there are no issues.


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