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Let us show you how to transform your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation, free from work and worry. It's an opportunity that promises tranquility.

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Allow us to introduce you to our distinguished team of design architects and seasoned craftsmen as your outdoor living contractor. Their harmonious blend of creativity and precision is ready to provide the magic touch your space deserves.

The Power of Transparent Communication

We are guided by your dreams to create the perfect blueprint, delving deep into your aspirations to ensure you're a part of the transformation process.

Integrity: Hear From Those Who've Walked the Path

We're eager to share the experiences of our esteemed clients. Their stories and testimonials vouch for our commitment to excellence and offer insight into our service quality.

A Glimpse into Our Unique Process

We're excited to walk you through our unique 7-step process, starting with a phone consultation and culminating in the realization of your dream space. Together, we'll explore your ideas, craft a tailored plan, and with your approval, bring your vision to life, ready for you to cherish and enjoy.


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Considering enhancing your outdoor living space and seeking a trusted contractor in the Maryland and Pennsylvania region for a personalized approach?

Reach out to Custom Design and Build, your outdoor living contractor, today for a complimentary consultation on your outdoor living project.

Share your vision for an outdoor living space with us, and we'll collaborate closely to bring your ideal outdoor area to life, whether you have a clear concept or are searching for creative inspiration.

We're eager to guide you through every phase, discuss the project's budget, and reveal the stunning transformations and unique designs we can create together with you.