Understanding Your Warranty with Custom Design and Build



​Hello valued customers!
Mark Szabo here from Custom Design And Build. We’ve received some questions recently regarding warranties, and I wanted to address them in a detailed manner so that all our current and prospective clients are well-informed.


1. Platinum Trex Pro Installer: What Does It Mean?
Firstly, I’m proud to mention that we are a Platinum Trex Pro Installer. But what does this mean for you?

  • Quality Assurance: Being a Platinum Trex Pro Installer means that we have been recognized by Trex as a top-tier installer. Our team has been trained directly by Trex and has demonstrated a consistent track record of excellence.
  • Extended Warranty: Due to our elevated status with Trex, our installations may come with extended warranties, providing you added peace of mind.
  • Priority Support: Should any issues arise with your Trex installations, our status ensures that we receive priority support directly from Trex, ensuring quicker resolutions for you.

2. Timbertech Preferred Gold Member: The Gold Standard
We are also a Timbertech Preferred Gold Member. Here’s how this distinction benefits you:

  • Top-Quality Materials: As a Gold Member, we get access to the best quality materials that Timbertech has to offer, ensuring that your installation stands the test of time.
  • Special Promotions: From time to time, our status affords us promotional offers which we can pass on to you, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.
  • Timbertech Support: Being a Gold Member means we have a direct line to Timbertech. Should any concerns arise, we can quickly address them with the manufacturer’s support.

3. We Handle Warranty Registrations for You
One less task on your to-do list! Custom Design and Build will handle the responsibility of registering your warranties directly with the manufacturers. By doing this for you, it frees up more of your time to truly enjoy your new project with family and friends. Instead of getting bogged down with the details of warranty registration, you can focus on making memories in the beautiful space we’ve created together. Our goal is to give you peace of mind and let you fully immerse in the joy of your new space without any worries.
4. Maryland State Law and Labor Warranty
Regardless of our affiliations, it’s essential to note that Maryland state law mandates that all labor from a contractor be under warranty for at least a full year. This means that beyond the product warranties offered by Trex or Timbertech, our workmanship is guaranteed. You can have confidence knowing that if something isn’t quite right, we’re on the hook to make it so.
5. Our Commitment to You
Lastly, I want to personally assure you that Custom Design and Build is here to stay. We’ve been a cornerstone in this community for years, and our reputation means everything to us. If at any time you have an issue or concern, please do not hesitate to reach out. We pride ourselves on our post-installation service, ensuring that our clients are delighted long after the work has been completed.
In conclusion, warranties can sometimes be a confusing landscape, but I hope this blog has provided clarity. Remember, our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. We’re not just building projects; we’re building trust.