How Much Will My Composite Deck with a Screen Room or Porch Roof Really Cost?



How much does a composite deck with a screen room or porch roof cost?

One of the primary inquiries that customers in Harford County, Maryland make when contemplating an outdoor living space upgrade is the cost. Specifically, the price of a composite deck combined with a screen room or just a porch roof.


Having fielded this question countless times, we at Custom Design and Build recognize the urgency with which potential buyers approach the topic. It’s often one of the first topics brought up during our consultation sessions.
We understand the sentiment behind it.

Cost plays a significant role in decision-making. It influences not only the type of deck you might choose but also the additional features and enhancements you might want. As with any home improvement project, establishing a preliminary budget and factoring in any long-term maintenance expenses is crucial.

The challenge in giving an immediate answer lies in the multitude of variables that come into play. The final price often depends on the specific design choices made, the intricacies of the project, and any special requirements your property might have.
At Custom Design and Build, our objective is to enlighten every potential client. This ensures that you make informed choices, even if it means considering different outdoor living solutions. In light of this, I’ll do my utmost to provide a ballpark figure, rooted in current trends and costs (as of 2023).

It’s imperative to remember that any quoted prices for composite decks, screen rooms, porch roofs, or related accessories are estimates. They’re based on the average project we’ve undertaken in 2023. Numerous factors, such as product selection, location, installation intricacies, and other variables, can cause fluctuations in these estimates.

How much does a composite deck with a screen room or porch roof cost? For a basic composite deck with either a screen room or a porch roof, you’re likely looking at a range of $75,000 to $135,000 in 2023. This estimate encompasses the core structure, foundational work, and basic amenities.

Naturally, as you venture into more sophisticated designs or choose premium materials and features – like advanced lighting, custom railings, Heating elements, or intricate patterns – the price can escalate accordingly.