A Screen Room and Composite Deck: 5 Reasons to Build in the Fall

screen rooms
​If you’re browsing our site, it’s likely you’re dreaming of a beautiful composite deck or screen room gracing your backyard in Harford County. Visualize a tranquil space where loved ones gather, engage, and weave moments to cherish. Such an addition doesn’t just elevate your relaxation experience but could also amplify the value of your property.
Many equate outdoor enjoyment with the summertime, leading some to believe that as summer concludes, so does the opportune moment for such projects. We’re here to debunk that! For Harford County residents, the fall might just be the golden season to kickstart that coveted outdoor living project. At Custom Design and Build, our specialty lies in creating top-notch composite decks and screen rooms tailored to your needs.
Convinced or curious? Here are five reasons why Harford County residents should earmark autumn for their outdoor endeavors:


1. Weather:
The swelter of summer gives way to milder days in autumn, and typically, less rainfall. While Harford County does see its share of autumn showers, they’re usually more spread out and less intense. Such weather conditions are conducive for construction, and with the ground not oversaturated from summer’s end, heavy machinery can operate with ease, ensuring a smoother, hassle-free construction phase.
2. Permits & Construction:
With the bustle of summer fading, permit offices and construction teams often face reduced demand. This can translate into swifter processing of necessary paperwork and a more streamlined construction timeline. While each region has its nuances, our designs for composite decks and screen rooms are crafted to complement any Harford County home perfectly.
3. Landscaping:
Post-construction, you might be inclined to spruce up the surrounding area. Autumn is prime for this! Planting certain trees, shrubs, and bulbs during this period can set your garden up for vibrant growth come spring. Your dream backyard doesn’t have to wait for summer’s return.
4. Dodge the Peak Season Rush:
Initiating your project in the fall can often mean sidestepping extended wait times. Construction companies are typically inundated with requests in the summer, potentially leading to longer lead times. A fall start ensures your project isn’t just one among many, but a priority.
5. Spring and Summer Ready:
Kick off in the fall, and by the time the warmth of spring and summer rolls in, your outdoor oasis will be ready to host, relax, and entertain. From final tweaks to décor choices, you’d have the luxury of time on your side. Given Harford County’s amiable climate, don’t be surprised if you’re lounging on your deck or in your screen room sooner than you thought!
In essence, here are your 5 motivators to consider autumn for your composite deck or screen room project in Harford County, MD. Why limit the joys of outdoor living to just summer? After all, the right time to commence is when you’re ready. Eager to transform your space? Dive in and let’s start creating memories.