What 7 Things You Should Know Before Embarking on Your Screen Room Project



Whether you’re looking to enjoy a gentle spring breeze, a crisp autumn evening, or any moment in between, enhancing your home with some additional outdoor space can be transformative. A screen room is an impeccable choice, offering a myriad of compelling advantages.
Considering this valuable addition to your residence? It’s only natural to have questions. We’re here to guide you with answers.
Dive into the top seven queries poised by homeowners, as they venture into screen room projects:


1. Can the size of my screen room be customized? Absolutely! Every screen room we build is tailor-made to resonate with your vision. We’ll materialize any size you fancy.
2. Can the screen room be established on my existing deck or patio? Indeed! A majority of the screen rooms we construct find their foundations on pre-existing decks or patios. And if you’re starting from scratch, we can create the perfect base for you.
3. Will the roof of my screen room harmonize with my home’s architecture? Certainly! Whether you’re inclined towards a gabled, shingled aesthetic or something more contemporary, we ensure your screen room merges seamlessly with your home’s existing roofline. Studio-style, single-slope designs are also within our repertoire.
4. What materials are used for the framing? Our preferred materials are pressure-treated lumber and composite, both known for their durability and aesthetic appeal. These materials promise longevity with minimal upkeep.
5. In the event of damage, is the screen replaceable? Rest assured, our robust mesh screens are meticulously integrated into the framing, ensuring both aesthetics and security. If accidents happen, replacements are straightforward.
6. What’s the financial aspect of a screen room? Our basic screen room projects start at competitive pricing, with the final quote influenced by factors such as size, materials, roof style, and additional customizations. That’s why we emphasize our complimentary evaluations, ensuring you’re well-acquainted with our diverse offerings. Custom Design And Build believes in tailoring solutions to individual homeowner needs.
7. How long before my screen room is ready to enjoy? Our seasoned craftsmen typically bring screen room projects to life within a few weeks.
These are the prevalent queries we encounter. Should you have additional questions, know that we’re always available to assist. At Custom Design And Build, we are poised and prepared to create a screen room that mirrors your aspirations.